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Organizer – Contact

Prof. Dr. Isabelle Mansuy, University/ETH Zurich



Preliminary Program

This 2 1/2 day symposium has morning and afternoon sessions with presentations by invited speakers, and short and flash talks selected from abstracts. It also has two poster sessions and an independent workshop “Meet the Experts: Questions and Answers” at the end of the conference (upon registration).

Day 1: Monday, August 26th, 2019

08:45-09:00 Opening of the meeting, introduction

              Epidemiological evidence and animal models

09:00-09:40 Romain Barres / Environmentally-induced dynamic epigenetic remodeling of human spermatozoa

09:40-10:20 Michael Skinner / Impact of environmental induced transgenerational epigenetics on disease etiology and evolution

10:20-10:50 Coffee break

10:50-11:30 Upasna Sharma / RNA in epigenetic inheritance

11:30-11:45 Patrick Allard / Dissecting the epigenetic machinery underlying the memory of chemical exposure

11:45-12:00 Jill Escher / Heritable effects of general anesthesia

12:00-13:20 Lunch

              Epidemiological evidence and animal models (continued)

13:20-14:00 Larry Feig / Paternal transmission of the effects of social instability stress across generations

14:00-14:40 Anne Ferguson-Smith / Variable silencing of the repeat genome – implications for epigenetic inheritance

14:40-14:55 1 junior speaker for a short talk selected from abstracts

14:55-16:30 Coffee break and poster session I

16:30-17:00 Flash talks by poster presenters

17:00-17:40 Andrew Pospisilik / Epigenetic determinants of phenotypic variation and metabolic disease (video lecture)

Day 2: Tuesday, August 27th, 2019


09:00-09:40 Randy Jirtle / Epigenetics, genomic imprinting, and fetal origin of disease susceptibility

09:40-10:20 Azim Surani / Mechanisms of epigenetic reprogramming

10:20-10:35 1 junior speaker for a short talk selected from abstracts

10:35-11:00 Coffee break

              Transmission mechanisms

11:00-11:40 Qi Chen / Sperm RNA code: how many secrets in programming offspring phenotypes?

11:40-12:20 Victor Corces / Epigenetic mechanisms controlling the expression of eukaryotic genes

12:20-13:30 Lunch

              Transmission mechanisms (continued)

13:30-14:10 Lucia Daxinger / Maternal and paternal intergenerational effects

14:10-14:50 Antoine Peters / Epigenetic control of mouse germ cells

14:50-15:05 1 junior speaker for a short talk selected from abstracts

15:05-16:30 Coffee break and poster session II

16:30-17:10 Alexander Meissner / Epigenetic dynamics in early development

17:10-17:25 1 junior speaker for a short talk selected from abstracts

Day 3: Wednesday, August 28th, 2019

              Conceptual challenges and computational aspects of epigenetic mapping

09:00-09:40 Corrado Spadafora / Sperm-mediated transgenerational inheritance: role of LINE-1 expression in the genesis and assimilation of epigenetic variations

09:40-10:20 Mark Robinson / Methods for interpreting high-throughput sequencing

10:20-10:50 Coffee break

              Impact on society and evolution

10:50-11:30 Ruth Müller / Epigenetic inheritance and health in society

11:30-12:10 Julia Schröder / Genetic/epigenetic influence in the wild

12:10-12:30 Poster prize / Closing




13:00-14:00 Lunch (for workshop participants)

14:00-17:00 Workshop “Meet the experts: Questions and Answers” (limited to 30 participants, separate registration)